How It Works

Aagghh makes saving money fast and easy. Here's how you do it. You start by creating your free account. Next, you post the event or service you want. And then you get free quotes from Aagghh's certified providers who are competing to earn your business. Your last step is choosing the provider that you like the best so you can decide who performs the work.

Your Comprehensive Service Solution

Aagghh is a platform for two kinds of people: those who seek quality help and those who provide it. Getting married? Need to improve your home or business? Need other help with a project, event or service? You name it. Create your profile. Select your service needs. Get your quotes.

About Us 

We're Aagghh.  Say “Aagghh” with a hard “g”, and we sound like a frustrated scream—which is how we got started (more on that later). But say “Aagghh” with a soft “h” and we are the pleasant sigh uttered after witnessing a beautiful sunset, or a job well done—which is what we're all about. So when things get hard for you, think of "Aagghh" with the soft "h", because we are all about getting great help here!

Aagghh started with the exasperation of its founder, Sherry Dang, who was trying to plan her wedding and grew frustrated trying to corral the numerous service providers required to do the job well. Calls weren’t always returned. And when they were, the same questions were asked over and over again. “Aagghh!,” Sherry thought (with the hard “g”) “there’s got to be a better way.”  Then she had her “Aagghh – ha!” moment, “What if there was a site where the service providers courted you?” And Aagghh (with the soft “h”) was born.

Aagghh is for two kinds of people.  People who provide quality help.  And people who need those people.  Aagghh is here to save you time and money while getting you good help. When service providers compete for your business, you win. At Aagghh, you receive free quotes from local vendors who are competing to deliver the best service for the lowest price.  Aagghh is a comprehensive solution for all your local service needs. Aagghh …. That’s more like it!